County Clerk is responsible for a wide range of duties as specified by State Statues

The County Clerk serves as the official secretary for the Board of County Commissioners. The Clerk prepares and posts the agenda,  attends Commission meetings, and maintains proceedings of Commissioner Meetings, including all contracts and agreements entered into by the county. 

Tax Levies and Tax Roll

The Clerk has various duties relating to property tax levies and tax roll preparation. The clerk prepares annual budgets for most townships and fire districts. All school districts, cities, townships, and other taxing authorities must file their budgets with the Clerk. The clerk prepares real estate, personal property, and state assessed tax rolls, including special assessments, and certifies them to County Treasurer. 

Property Values

All County property values are filed with the Clerk, and the Clerk sets the official mill levies for each taxing district based on this information. All land records of the County are maintained by the Clerk and each transfer of real estate is properly recorded in the transfer record for taxation purposes. 

Accounts Payable

The Clerk provides Accounts Payable functions for all County departments and Rural Fire Districts.

Other Duties

The Clerk receives all claims filed against the County, provides assistance to County residents in preparing Homestead Property Tax Refund Applications for the Kansas Department of Revenue, issues Cereal Malt Beverage Licenses to establishments outside the city limits, issues Kansas Wildlife and Parks permits, and maintains inventories and long-range plans.

Election Officer

As the County Election Officer, the Clerks Carries out all elections and certifies to the Secretary of the State, maintains voter database; accepts filings for public office; keeps financial statements of expenses from the county, city, and school district candidates. 

Freedom Of Information

The County Clerk is the designated contact person to obtain information regarding Freedom of Information. To request an Open Records Request Form, please contact this office by phone or by submitting a request via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..