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The next Lincoln County Comprehensive Plan public meeting with Marvin Planning Consultants, the firm gathering data and community input and writing the county’s comprehensive plan, is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17, at 6:00 p.m., at the Finch Theatre’s Community Room, 122 E Lincoln Ave, Lincoln, KS 677455.  The meeting is open to the public and any interested citizens are welcome to attend publicly or virtually. To attend virtually, please send an email to the North Central Regional Planning Commission at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the Zoom login information. The goal of the meeting is to review the data and input that has been received and a preliminary draft of the plan.

Why is there a need for a Comprehensive Plan?

On February 22, 2021, North Central Regional Planning Commission (NRCPC) approached the Board of County Commissioners regarding a grant awarded to the Flint Hills Regional Council. This grant assists counties with no comprehensive plan or outdated plans located in the UAS Corridor Study.

The grant award for Lincoln County was $20,000, and NCRPC agreed to provide the in-kind match. The Lincoln County Board of Commissioner’s approved the grant assistance to develop a new comprehensive plan. 

Lincoln County approved a Comprehensive Plan prepared by the Lincoln County Planning Commission* and financed by the Kansas State Department of Commerce in October 1989. 

Comprehensive plans are a tool used to help communities with operational and planning efforts. Proper comprehensive plans should have goals, objectives, policies, actions, and standards identified. These plans help guide elected officials and staff in making day-to-day decisions and provide long-range goals for the community to work towards. This plan should be considered a living document that is changed and updated regularly. Several members of the Board of Commissioners throughout the years have encouraged a new comprehensive plan or an update to the 1989 comprehensive plan. Yet, funding has never been allocated to perform this task due to the estimated cost. 

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners wants community members to contribute to this plan. Contribution and ideas are what will drive the success of the end product. This plan is not a Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation Comprehensive Plan. It is a Lincoln County Comprehensive Plan. However, this plan will provide the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation with a vision for future development and community needs. 

To view the 1989 Comprehensive Plan, click the link below. A document titled “Decades of Changes” has also been added. This document, author unknown, was inside the Comprehensive Plan and provides historical information. 

How can you Help? Please take the time to complete the survey for Lincoln County by following this link or click the link labeled Community Survey:

Comprehensive Plans

Lincoln County 2042: Comprehensive Plan

1989 Comprehensive Plan 

Taking a Close Look: A Comprehensive Plan 

for Lincoln County, October, 1989

Decades of Changes

Community Survey


*The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners essentially disbanded the Lincoln County Planning Commission on January 24, 2000, by passing Resolution 2000-06, which rescinded an un-numbered Resolution dated 5-17-78. In this resolution, the board approved that they would “no longer provide monetary support to the Lincoln County Planning Commission Board and further recommends and encourages the group to support and cooperate with, or become a part of, the Lincoln County Economic Foundation.”