January 1st 
Real property valuation date
Personal property renditions mailed to property owners

March 1st 
Real property valuation notices mailed
Informal appeal process available for 30 days from date mailed

March 15th
Personal property renditions due back to County Appraiser
See penalties below for late filing of rendition:

March 16-April 15         5% Penalty
April 16-May 15 10% Penalty
May 16-June 15 15% Penalty
June 16-July 15 20% Penalty
July 16-March 14 25% Penalty
Failure to File 50% Penalty

May 1st

Personal property appraised values mailed

May 15th
Deadline for filing personal property valuation appeal

June 15th
Appraiser certifies real estate and personal property values to County Clerk

December 20th
Deadline for the taxpayer to notify the Appraiser of the sale of watercraft for the taxes to be prorated for the current year

December 20th
Deadline for full or first half property taxes to be paid to the County Treasurer

December 31st
New Personal Property Forms are mailed to anyone who had personal property in the current year

May 10th (of the following year)
Deadline for second half property taxes to be paid to the County Treasurer