We will begin offering influenza vaccine "FLU SHOTS" October 2, 2023

Walk-ins are welcome.

Monday thru Thrusday
7:00 am to 5:00 pm



Regular Flu Shot - $45

Flu Block - $85 (recommended for age 50-64)

High Dose Flu Shot - $85

Nasal - $50.00

 or we will bill your insurance.

Be Prepared!

Have your flu voucher form ready, go to Dispense Assist fill it out and bring it with you.


You only need 1 Bivalent vaccine shot, unless you are 65 years old or are immunocompromised. You can receive another bivalent vaccine shot 2 months after the first bivalent vaccine shot.

If you have had COVID-19 (the disease) you must wait 3 months to receive the 1st or 2nd dose of bivalent.

Call 785-524-4406

If you get the COVID-19 disease it is highly recommended you stay home away from everybody for 5 days from the start of your symptoms.

Then you may leave your home and return to activities with a mask on for another 5 days when you are around other people as long as you have been fever free for 24 hours.


PCV 20 is currently available for 65 years or older.

If you have questions regarding your pneumonia vaccine, please give us a call.


We do not currently carry this vaccine.