Advanced Voting

In Person

Kansas allows voter to advance vote in person at county election offices or satellite voting locations up to 20 days before an election. In person dates will be announced on the election calendar for each election.

By Mail

Voters are allowed to vote by mail prior to election day. In order to do so, you must complete an application for an advance ballot and include your driver's licene number or a copy of your photo identification. The deadline to submit advance voting applications to the county election official is July 30 for the 2024 primary election and October 29 for the 2024 general election. Ballots will be mailed to those who apply beginning July 17 for the 2024 primary election and October 16 for the 2024 general election. All ballots MUST be postmarked on or before election day and received in the county election office by the close of business on teh third business day following the election. 

Election Day Voting

The polling location is the location where voters go to vote on Election Day. It is equipped with private voting booths, voting materials, and voting assistance items. Polling locations are staffed with poll workers who can assist you with the voting process. The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day. 

Find your polling place and what's on your ballot here.

Photo ID


State law requires Kansas voters to show photographic identification when casting a vote in person. The following docuements may be used to meet photo ID requirements for voting:

  • Driver's license or ID card issued by Kansas or another state
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Military ID
  • ID card issued by a Native American tribe
  • Employee badge or ID issued by a government office
  • Student ID card from an accredited postsecondary education institution in Kansas
  • Concealed carry license issued by Kansas or another state
  • Public assistance ID card issued by a government office

Exemptions from photo ID requirements exist for: permanent advance voters (voters with illness or disabilities); military and overseas voters and their spouses and dependents; and voter with religious objections who sign a Declaration of Religious Objection (Form DRO). Voters age 65 or older may use an expired photo ID.