Be Proactive!


Take the steps to prevent home burglaries and other crimes.


Make sure that your residence is safe and secure! 


A careful inspection of your home may reveal access vulnerabilities that would make your residence a target for a home invasion or burglary. Crimes of opportunity are when criminals take advantage of a people leaving their doors unlocked, open windows, unlocked vehicles, and in some cases, keys left in the ignition.  


Inspect all entry/access points in your home and determine what steps you can take reduce your vulnerability (i.e., changing or adding locks to doors and windows, exterior motion lights, security cameras, etc.). 


A security inspection begins at the front door and ends at the back. Your assessment includes all access points (doors, cellars, and windows). Check all locks, lights, and landscaping (note- if you can gain entrance to your home without difficulty so can others). 


LCSO urges the community to take the necessary steps secure your home and make your residence safer.


Home Security Check List


In the event of a burglary, accident, or disaster, a good homeowner's, or renter's, insurance policy will pay to replace your material belongings (contact your insurance carrier/agent for more information). In most cases, the insurance company will want an inventory of your belongings and valuables prior to insuring your contents. Having these photos, vidoes, or logs will protect you in the future.


Take inventory of your valuables at least once a year, or when you purchase or sell your belongings. 


Ways to Take a Home Inventory

  • Photo inventory:
    Grab a camera or your cell phone and start taking pictures of your home and your belongings. Be thorough and pay attention to details such as hardware and fixtures as well as your belongings. Take photos of your valuables, including documents (deeds, titles, ID's, Passport, Wills, etc.)
  • Video inventory:
    Utilize your cell phone to take a video as you walk through your home. Make sure to record the details around inside and out. Narrarate your video and add commentary about your belongings, such as the price and where they were purchased. Save your video and transfer it to a flash-drive.
  • Written inventory:
    Ask your insurance company for a inventory booklet, or use a journal notebook. Go through your home and document everything thoroughly. Note prices and where you purchased the items. Keep your booklet in a safe place, like a fireproof safe or bank safety deposit box.